How to add custom Facebook tabs using HTML code for business marketing – social media

Customizing your facebook profile is very outstanding skill to learn! It may be a little complicated but by following these directions carefully you will be successful!

  1. Go to and enter “iFrame tab” into the search bar.
  2. Browse down your options and choose, ‘Static HTML: iframe tabs”
  3. Click on “Add Static HTML to a page”
  4. Click your business page to install it on from the apps installation menu the click “add page tab”.
  5. Now go to your pages main menu and you will see the word “welcome” that has been added to your list of tabs, click to open it.
  6. Select “Set up Tab”.

What I love most about this app versus other iframe apps is you can do so many things to it. You can have it open to a beautiful image, a video, a paypal buy now button, a landing page, an even a leadgate! Enabling lead gates are cool because its basically its own landing page. Your visitors will have to enter their contact information via its sign up box or “leadgate” in order to gain access to the information on that tab. Link it straight to your email address to receive your new subscriber and thats it!

The main use of this app though is to enter a page via HTML hence its name. So today I will be teaching you how to do just that since embedding a webpage is actually alot more complicated than it seems without the proper information I am about to provide for you.

Click on the “Change App” button and make sure you have chosen the “Static HTML” option under the “Free apps”. Type the HTML code outline provided below into the HTML Box to enter any webpage into your custom facebook tab.  Adjust the width and height as needed and replace the example URL with the URL address of your choice.


Once you are done click the green “Preview” button at the top right hand corner and if you are satisfied click “Save and Publish” and you should be all set to go!


Click on your Facebook page’s home page and see your full customized tab!

If you would like to rename it or rearrange tabs go into your page settings, click edit page, and there you will have the option of rearranging or renaming it in the tabs “edit settings”.


Hope this article was useful! Please share to a friend if it helped you! & Dont forget to subscribe for more useful marketing tips! 


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