How to invest your time and money into maximum profit for your online business – ROI

Ask and You Shall Receive, Think Smart and You Will Achieve. That is today’s motto and inspiration for this blog post. Today we’ll be learning how investing our time and money wisely will increase our wealth and attract more engagement which in turn is great promotion for your business! You must be brave and selfless in your business endeavors  because being greedy in anyway will get you no where fast. To create great boundaries if you have none, you must set goals and start budgeting productively.

ROI (Return of investment) measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost. The formula to calculate the percentage of your ROI is as follows:


You need a product to sell so for the sake of example lets say you have joined The MCA DreamTeam and you know that membership is $10 and each person you recruit or sale you make you will receive $80. According to the formula $70 (the profit after investment) divided by $10 (the cost of investment) equals 7 or 70%. Anything over 50% is a great investment indeed great investment indeed. A realistic goal to make would be to save $750 for rent. You calculate that to make enough for rent you would have to make 10 sales. Which would leave you with an extra $50 you can reinvest into paid ads or other marketing methods to expand your business reach. You’d be surprised how much exposure only $50 can get you and with the right landing page conversion and commerce will increase surely! Another way to invest into your business is via a blog aka content marketing. By sharing your knowledge and advise you will become a powerhouse in your niche and dominate the competition by offering unique and personal expertise. You stand out and become looked up to by those who are hungry to learn and build for themselves! Information is an underestimated power that should be valued and used progressively more often so I offer to the best of my knowledge all that I know to my readers. In hopes you will lead by example and adapt these lessons to your personal agendas and marketing strategies. This relationship has given me many loyal readers and customers and other similar businesses have done the same to earn my loyalty and me as an all out fan of their work and authenticty. Here is another great blog post that I came across about the Return of Investment by Jayson Demers I would love to share with you all. You can access it here:

Hope todays post was enlightening and guided you on how to productively invest your resources to your maximum benefit!

Thank you and have a good day from The MCA DreamTeam!


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